Fire Safety Principles Level 2 (Fire Warden/Marshal) Reviews

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We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “This is the 2nd time I have done training with Pro Training. Full of information. Will definitely use them again.”

    ~ Amanda from CORNWALL
  • “Thoroughly informative training”

    ~ Brian, House chairman from Hertfordshire
  • “Excellent training, easy to understand and you can go at your own pace.”

    ~ karen, practice manager from Devon
  • “I found the content and structure of this training tool very high standard. ”

    ~ Jade, Practice Manager from West Yorkshire
  • “Exellent training and easy to understand. covers all parts that is required. ”

    ~ ruksana, Teacher from Rossendale
  • “The course was user friendly, educational and automatic, no lengthily passwords or numbers to enter. I would defiantly recommend to anyone. Great course. ”

    ~ Christos, Director from london
  • “Everything was very clearly explained. ”

    ~ Pauline from Surrey
  • “Very thorough and informative, easy to follow, delivered with the expertise and professionalism you would expect, with everything you need at your fingertips. Five stars all round”

    ~ Grant, Security Officer from Bedfordshire
  • “I found the training very informative and easy to follow.”

    ~ Lynn, Receptionist/ Admin Support from London
  • “I recommend everyone to do this training online as it is very informative, simple to learn and well communicated. ProTrainings is where I will always do my training. Many thanks”

    ~ ernest Kwaku from Essex
  • “Excellent course really enjoyable and informative, good to know what is the right thing to do”

    ~ Michael, Health and Safety Coordinator from South Yorkshire
  • “I found the fire training very informative and easy to follow. Thank you.”

    ~ jody, Registered Dental Nurse from west yorks
  • “The training I received was helpful, even for a small business. I found that there were many features that could be implemented to improve the safety of all employees and visitors.”

    ~ Vanessa, Environmental Consultant from Yorkshire
  • “Really helpful and informative. I feel much more qualified now to be a fire warden. ”

    ~ Richard, Headmaster from West Yorkshire
  • “I found the course very informative and because the course was online I could complete it as and when I had time ”

    ~ Paul, Health and Safety from Wrexham
  • “I wasnt sure about online training as I usually go to multi person seminars or courses. This has been a well informed training video, not long and drawn out and the sections are brief and easy to follow.”

    ~ Thomas, Site manager from South glamorgan
  • “It is very educative and easy to understand training.”

    ~ Dorcas, Dental nurse from London
  • “ easy to understand, gull of the relevant information needed for fire safety.”

    ~ Diane from Lancashire
  • “I find this presentation very useful to learn basics about fire safety new entrants to this line can take more use of it”

    ~ Ranjit, Supervisor from London
  • “Matter of fact and easy to remember enjoyable course.”

    ~ Rosemary, Charge Nurse from FIFE
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “Very informative training covering all the essential elements ”

    ~ Mandy, 13 days ago
  • “Informative and very helpful”

    ~ Stuart, 4 months ago
  • “very well presented and comprehensive information”

    ~ Nayrah, 6 months ago
  • “Excellent online training, would highly recommend”

    ~ Sarah, 6 months ago
  • “5”

    ~ Ms, 7 months ago
  • “Excellent Course ”

    ~ Colin, 7 months ago
  • “One of the best online courses I've ever done. I highly recommend it! ”

    ~ Connor, 7 months ago
  • “Although I was aware of most of the subject matter it can never do any harm to be reminded when lives are potentially at risk.”

    ~ Andy, 10 months ago
  • “Very informative, good pace, very clear, and good teachers”

    ~ Christos, 10 months ago
  • “Fully comprehensive, instructors displayed complete subject knowledge with confidence and at a steady easy to follow pace, excellent value for money. ”

    ~ Grant, 12 months ago
  • “very good”

    ~ Abather, over 1 year ago
  • “Every part of the information is broken down In such a way, it makes it easy to absorb and remember.”

    ~ Brendan, over 1 year ago
  • “Very informative course, easy to follow with many practice questions along the way. Would highly recommend.”

    ~ Andy, over 1 year ago
  • “One of, if not, the best fire training course available online. ”

    ~ steve, over 1 year ago
  • “Very good informative course”

    ~ Kathryn, over 1 year ago
  • “Very well explanation and photographs.”

    ~ Mohammed, over 1 year ago
  • “Although some appears not of interest all info is good”

    ~ Charles, almost 2 years ago
  • “I have just completed my 3 yearly update, ProTrrainings also then continue offering support with weekly videos which you can view at your own convenience.”

    ~ Lesley, almost 2 years ago
  • “The video tutelage was very supportive and assisted my learning. I found that a combination of this and making notes assisted in my recall when it came to the final test. I found that periodic testing throughout helpful. Thank you for ushering me through the process. ”

    ~ Injah, almost 2 years ago
  • “Puctuation on the question about fire doos confusted me but other than that great”

    ~ Shirley, almost 2 years ago